Unlock Rewards with the Harris Property Rental Referral Program

Share the benefits of expert property management with friends and earn rewards

At Harris Property, we believe that good news should be shared! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new referral promotion exclusively designed for our valued existing rental providers.

Our philosophy has always been about creating a community of satisfied clients and this program is our way of expressing gratitude for your continued trust and support. If you're an existing rental provider with Harris Property and you refer a new rental provider to our services, not only will both of you receive a $100 gift card, but you will also receive a 1% discount on your management fees for 6 months as a token of our appreciation.*


Your referral means a lot to us, it is proof of your faith in our services. We understand that every property is unique and strive to provide a personalised service that maximizes your return on investment while maintaining the well-being of your property and your renters. Our comprehensive property management solutions take the stress out of owning an investment property. We handle everything from renter selection to maintenance, ensuring your property remains a profitable and worry-free investment.

This referral promotion offers you a fantastic opportunity to not only share the benefits of our hassle-free property management services with your friends and family but also earn rewards in return. To take up this offer, all your referral needs to do is sign a management authority with Harris Property. It's that simple!*

At Harris Property, we believe in making property management a rewarding experience. So, spread the word and start reaping the benefits today! Our team is always on hand to answer any queries you or your referrals may have about the program or our services. Get in touch with our friendly team on 1800 951 958 or [email protected].

Join the Harris Property referral program and let's continue to grow and prosper together.

Refer a friend to Harris Property

* Terms and conditions apply, see below.

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Terms and Conditions

In these terms and conditions:

Harris Property, we, us, our means Harris Property Group Pty. Ltd. ABN 45 631 495 488.

Offer means our Rental Provider Referral Program which is offered to you under these Offer Terms.

Offer Terms means these terms and conditions.

Service means any new property management services provided by Harris Property.

Existing rental provider, you, your, yours means the business or person that has an existing engagement with Harris Property.

New rental provider means the business or person that is being referred to Harris Property by the existing rental provider for property management services.


  1. Offer benefits are payable only after the new rental provider has paid their first month’s management fee. i.e. where a management takeover has occurred mid-cycle the promotional benefits will not apply until the next month’s rent is collected and management fee paid.
  2. The existing rental provider will receive a $100 voucher of their choice from prezzee.com.au and a 1% discount on their management fee for six consecutive months from the first month after the new rental provider has paid their first month’s management fee.
  3. The new rental provider will receive a $100 voucher of their choice from prezzee.com.au after they have paid their first month’s management fee.
  4. The new rental provider cannot claim any other offer from Harris Property on top of this Offer (e.g. 3 months free/90-day money back guarantee).
  5. The new rental provider must not have previously signed a management authority with The Property Mentors Australia Pty Ltd, The Property Mentors Trading Pty Ltd or Harris Property.
  6. Maximum of 2% (from standard management fee) discount applies from successful referrals at any time. i.e. three successful referrals is 2% discount, not 3%.
  7. Maximum of 3% (from standard management fee) total discount applies including any other Harris Property management fee discounts from other promotions (e.g. The Property Mentors Australia Pty Ltd membership). i.e. two referrals and The Property Mentors Pty Ltd gold membership is 3% discount, not 4%.
  8. 1% discount only applies for months that the new rental provider maintains their agreement with Harris Property. i.e. if the new rental provider cancels their management during the 6 month discount period, the 1% discount will also be cancelled at that time.
  9. If the new rental provider cancels their management with Harris Property, the two vouchers will not need to be repaid.


There is no limit on the number of $100 vouchers a single existing rental provider can redeem for each successful referral. i.e. six successful referrals is six $100 vouchers.

Our decision on all matters relating to the Offer is final. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions or discontinue the Offer at any time. If we discontinue the Offer we will still process claims made before that date.

The Offer is in addition to, and does not replace or limit, your statutory rights (including, if you live in Australia, your rights under the Australian Consumer Law).

We collect and use information about you and for the purpose of administering the Offer. We value your privacy. For more information on how we use and collect your personal information, please refer to our privacy policy.